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Omaha , NE , Dec. 26, purchase wine , checker -an ***'t mgr.

- demanded this 68 yr. old male pull dr. license completely from wallet-slot , so he could "scan" the back of it . Claimed a new Corporate policy to relieve underage checkers of being fooled by fake ids.

A 68 year old hardly needs a fake ID . "Scanning" could never replace comparing color photo with individual face. Underage checkers have never been allowed to sell alcohol ; Mgr's have always been called in . A not only un-necessary , but utterly Ineffective policy, resulting in Insult to Senior Citizens customers , as well as inconvenience .

And all too possible of skimming personal information , Illegally . NOT what anyone could call " a helpful smile in every aisle ."

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They have to do the same thing if you are a first time user of a check at a store. There are multiple companies that use this policy for a more controlled check out experience.

Somtimes if they do not use this action they have to call a MGR to verify the transaction is of age or other. By scanning ID it is doing everything for us.

I have to do this everytime somone buys Cigs at my Gstation. Nothing illegal about it

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