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I was very excited to get a Hy Vee near my town of Farmington, MN. This particular store is on Pilot *** Rd.

in Lakeville. In the last few weeks , I have had a number of unpleasant experiences. While shopping one day, I picked up a piece of clothing as a birthday gift for my neighbor baby. Imagine my surprise when the man I trusted to pack my groceries forgot to put the garment in my bag!

I appreciated that when I drove all the way back to the store, it was waiting for me in customer service but I do not live just around the corner by any means and it was a HUGE inconvenience for me that day. Another of my complaints is this. Most often I shop the sales! I read the ads, I make my lists according to the ads!

I am a wise shopper! So,having to guess WHICH rubber gloves or WHICH type of orange is the exact one in the ad is no picnic. By the time the sale starts, the items should be CLEARLY MARKED for me to grab and put into my cart. This is simply good business and proper management.

Recently when I got to the FORTH item that was on sale in an ad but not marked on the shelf, I was lucky enough to be in the isle with a manager. He asked which ad my sale item was in...I have to keep all of your ads straight in my head now, as if I work there?! It turned out to be a different brand of the gloves than what he pointed out and no attempt to clearly mark them on the shelf was attempted. This is just a wild guess, but I would think that if your manager can't figure out which item is the ad item, then neither can we, the customer.

Last week, I went to pick up a few things including the split chicken *** that were on sale. On my drive I pondered away...I wondered if any would be on the meat shelf or if the shelf would be empty as it was TWICE before when I shopped for the same item. Drum chicken breasts. Had to go to the counter and ask to get it from the back and mark it for me.

While waiting at Hy Vee (again) , I observed. There were PLENTY of employees there. Certainly enough to help stock shelves. Certainly ONE of them could have emptied the large overflowing garbage can full of paper towels and gunk.

Certainly one could have been washing the huge two or three foot meat grinder laying there (something that I think should be an item you wash and disinfect immediately after use). When my chicken finally appeared from the back room, I dared to ask "This is the third time I have shopped for these and there is never any on the shelf, why is that?".

Answer, "Oh we are just busy today". Hmmm, doesn't seem to be a problem for Cub....

Product or Service Mentioned: Hy Vee Customer Care.

Reason of review: Management problems.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Variety.

I didn't like: Lack in mgmt.

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