The Management staff is so poor there, the staff is worked to death. Shift managers are straight out rude, I saw them " kick a lady out of the store " because she had an issue with the fact they ID ed her companion and didn't want to sell her the alcohol because she was shopping with a minor.

I was behind her in the line, The checker was very Polite and was just doing his job, he was a kid . The so called manager came over and threw his pathetic teaspoon full of power around and was belligerent with this lady and asked her to leave.Then he turns his attention to the poor kid running the register, I wanted to shove this guy in a trash can.

I felt like I was at a WalMart. Worst Hyvee in the chain

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They have a Hy-Vee in Massachusetts?


They have a kitchen manager at Estherville hyvee that makes fun of overweight people (including kids) and she is on a website showing her naked body. Hyvee use to be a good store. Now they just hire whores and rude peoples

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